Updated Schedule for Week of July 20th

Here is our upcoming schedule for the week of July 20th:
Monday, July 20th – 8-10am workouts at Walton Baseball Indoor Facility (wear shorts and tennis shoes and bring all gear)
Tuesday, July 21st
–        Coaches Fundraising Meeting @ 8:30 at Walton Baseball Indoor Facility
–        Player Fundraising Meeting @ 9am-10am at Walton Baseball Indoor Facility (Mandatory for all players) **No workouts this day, just meeting
Wednesday, July 22nd – 8-10am workouts at Walton Baseball Indoor Facility (wear shorts and tennis shoes and bring all gear)
Thursday, July 23rd – 8-9am workouts at Walton Baseball Indoor Facility (wear shorts and tennis shoes and bring all gear)
Friday, July 24th – No Workouts:  Make a lot of money for Fundraiser!!!!
The week of July 27th – I will send out the week of the 20th for location and time adjustments. Workouts will still be in the evening b/c I am back at work those specific dates.
Tuesday, July 28th – 5-8pm is our BLITZ date for selling, no workouts just selling (more info to come).  I need several parents to drive and all coaches and players at this meeting.  We split into teams and go try to sell cookie dough for one last effort.
**If your summer/travel team is at Nationals this week, I need you to let me know, ASAP!!  Each player is expected to be at workouts and sell cookie dough for this fundraiser the week of July 20th.


Uniform Flyer

Here is the Walton Sofbtall Uniform Flyer.

Congratulations to the 2015 Lady Raiders

2015 Varsity Team Roster
1. Erika Mast – 12th
2. Sydney Shatz – 12th
3. Bailey Alter – 11th
4. Ashley Asbury – 11th
5. Jessica Simon – 10th
6. Sam Lee- 10th
7. Lainey Warren – 10th
8. Madeline Ross – 10th
9. Sophie Baranes – 10th
10. Kaitlin Jones- 10th
11. Anna Flint – 10th
12. Ally Andriano – 9th
13. Greer Flint – 9th
14. Maris Doering – 9th
15. Ashley Green – 9th
16. Bailey Mire – 9th
17. Savannah Linen – 9th
18. Ashley McDonald – 9th
Team Managers:
Chris Tosto – 12th
Sari Leff –12th

Walton Information 2015

Please fill out the Walton FastPitch Information Form as soon as possible.

Link to Form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Taw8LywHp8bikCGrURNYJlQTeP98qCp4H-bNnvxjLWM/viewform#start=embed

Walton FastPitch Tryouts

Walton FastPitch Tryouts

When:   Monday, May 11, 5pm – 7pm
Tuesday, May 12, 5pm – 7pm
Wednesday, May 13, 5pm – 7pm
Where:  Terrell Mill Park, 480 Terrell Mill Road, Marietta, GA 30067 (Field 2)

Practice Canceled Tonight 2/25/14

Practice Canceled due to Governors State of Emergency and weather.

Practice Cancelled 2/24/14

Practice tonight 2/24/15 cancelled due to weather.

Workout tomorrow still on as of 2/24/15 at 11:30 AM.

Updated Workout Schedule

February 2015

March 2015

April 2015



Workout Start 2/9/15

Please see attachment for times.

February 2015 Calendar

Walton Fastpitch Mandatory Meeting for 2015 Season

Mandatory Meeting for Walton Fastpitch 2015 Season: 

Tuesday, January 20th at 5:30 in the Walton softball building